Drinking Vodka Makes You More Smarter!

A new study suggests that a couple of swigs of the clear spirit can make a man think quicker on his feet. Time to break out the Belvedere? Too much vodka will make anyone slur his sentences, but groundbreaking new research suggests that just the right amount could make a guy wittier with his words. Thanks, science? Here’s what you know should you choose to imbibe… for creativity’s sake, of course:
How much vodka are we talking?
Not a lot. Researchers tested 20 men using a “moderate” amount of vodka mixed with cranberry juice, cutting the volunteers off when their blood alcohol level reached 0.075 percent (or just below the legal limit in the United States). Read More Here…..

I told you Mom!! And I know we’ll be seeing you all at Beer Breakfast 2012 on Sat., March 24th….. this year we “go to eleven!!”

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