Beer Breakfast – An Official Suncoast Hospice Supported Event

Three cheers and as many beers for the fine folks at Suncoast Hospice for their appreciation and support of Beer Breakfast at The Ale & The Witch being held on the  morning of Saturday, May 26th. Here’s our Letter of Support.

What is The Ale & The Witch? Let Kevin C. from St. Pete give you an idea…… The Ale & The Witch is, by far, the best bar for beer in downtown St. Pete. They serve only American craft beers, and it has a huge selection that rotates with remarkable frequency. There is ALWAYS a great new beer to try!

It has a great outdoor seating area and live music most nights. The courtyard gets a nice breeze, and makes for a relaxing place to hang out. The staff at The Ale & The Witch is great (Yeah Tim!!). They are incredibly knowledgeable and are happy to help you make a beverage selection!

And now they’re having a Beer Breakfast? I think I’m in Heaven!

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