Coffee or Beer… Which Drink Makes You More Creative?

Here’s an interesting Monday morning dilemma…. Coffee or Beer, which one makes you

coffee_beer_300pixsmarter and more creative? Well, at a Beer Breakfast Event you get BOTH, so who cares, right? But I digress. The blog post from Mr. Cho is actually pretty interesting so I thought I’d share it with by beer breakfast brethren. Have we single handedly created the greatest event in the history of the world to bring out the best in brain power and creativity? Me thinks so!!

60 days or so and counting until the next Beer Breakfast Event in support of Tampa Bay Watch being held at the Mandarin Hide on Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 9am. Come one, come all and help us raise awareness and funding to keep the estuaries of Tampa Bay clean and healthy!! A Beer Breakfast is…. Revelry~Fellowship~Sanctuary.


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