Yukon Cornelius Loves Beer Breakfast

So…. I was hanging out with some buddies at the local watering hole the other night enjoying a frosty beverage when in barged non other than Yukon Cornelius!Yukon1

That’s right…. THE man himself! We got to talking and he asked if there are any cool happenings in The Burg coming up so of course I let him know about Beer Breakfast on March 29th at the Mandarin Hide. He got pretty excited especially when I told him that we’re supporting Tampa Bay Watch this year as he’s an avid outdoorsman.

We tried keeping up with him on the beverage front, but WOW can this guy knock ’em back! Once he started going on and on about hunting ‘bumbles and their unique ability to ‘bounce, it was time to go. We weren’t about to interrupt him considering he is always packing heat, so we bid him farewell and that we hope to see him at the Revelry~Fellowship~Sanctuary that is…. Beer Breakfast.


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