Beer Breakfast Shout Out to A Legend – Charlie Papazian

As the name of our mad cap endeavor implies, we happen to enjoy…. beer! And along with it our appreciation and respect for the ever growing craft beer industry. Here in St. Petersburg, Florida, the number of craft brewers and craft breweries is EXPLODING. And we owe it all to Charlie Papazian (pictured with me).

Charlie is the Godfather of home brewing and thus, the craft beer industry at large. This guy is a nuclear engineer for goodness sakes! I told you guys (and my Mom!)….. BEER makes you smart!!

I was fortunate to have met Charlie a few years ago at an American Home Brewers Association Rally held at Cigar City Brewing in Tampa, Florida. What an amazing guy! Thanks to my buddy Mark for bringing me along. And Mark, when you’re ready to start bottling and selling your amazing creations, the Beer Breakfast crew is ready to help…. you know who you are!!

Please click to read a great article by Andrew DeWeerd from where he speaks to the legend himself, Charlie Papazian.

And be sure to join us for Beer Breakfast on Saturday, March  28, 2015 where we will once again lift our glasses, fill our bellies and enjoy each others company for the….. Revelry~Fellowship~Sanctuary that is BEER BREAKFAST!!

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