Beer Breakfast Going Old School This Saturday

We’re only a few days away from our next Beer Breakfast Event! While many of you are familiar with the History of Beer Breakfast, for those of you that are not or simply can’t remember due to so many awesome events of the past, here’s a quick refresher…..beer_bfast_logo_final

Early one Saturday morning in 2002 I was running errands along Central Avenue in Downtown St. Pete when something stopped me cold in my tracks… there were people actually sitting at Mastry’s bar at 8am drinking beer. My initial horror was soon replaced with,  “Why aren’t I drinking beer at 8am on a Saturday morning?” and then a better more gracious thought crept into this former Catholic Schoolboy’s brain… “Why don’t I invite some friends to drink beer WITH me next Saturday morning?”

And so it began…. and with the 3rd Beer Breakfast we started printing funky tee shirts with our original “Momma Mastry” as our first logo. Since those early days we’ve had different logo’s and looks to our mighty cause before coming up with our latest copyrighted iteration, ‘Dave the Rooster‘.

Where am I going with all this? Well, I happened to stumble upon some ‘old school’ Beer Breakfast Tees. We’ll bring a few on Saturday in case anyone wants to add to their collection! Our ‘old school’ tees will be sold for $10 each with all proceeds going to Tampa Bay Watch! And, of course, we’ll have this years updated tees as well.

Be sure to join us for Beer Breakfast on Saturday, March  28, 2015 where we will once again lift our glasses, fill our bellies and enjoy each others company for the….. Revelry~Fellowship~Sanctuary that is BEER BREAKFAST!!

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