Beer Breakfast – Update for 2021

Greetings my fellow Beer Breakfast Brethren! What a year it has been, huh? I hope and pray that all of you and yours are happy, healthy, and safe! Beer Breakfast 2020 was the last large event in all of Tampa Bay before everything was shut down due to the pandemic and for that I salute you all. We raised almost $10,000 for The Kind Mouse and helped them fill empty bellies in our area for months afterwards.   

We will be taking a year off due to the continued uncertainty of the virus, local rules, regulations, and for the overall safety of our beloved Beer Breakfast friends. I hope to still see you at the races this weekend. 

I’m proud to say we have raised almost $100,000 for local 501(c)3 charities here in St Petersburg, Florida at Beer Breakfast events. This doesn’t happen without great people like YOU!

Email if you, too, would like to lend your support and become a Friend of Beer Breakfast! Be sure to Like Us, Follow Us, and Evite all your friends to our next event….

Revelry~Fellowship~Sanctuary is a BEER BREAKFAST tradition and we look forward to seeing everyone very soon.

Beer Breakfast isn’t just a party… it’s MERRIMENT WITH A MISSION.

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