Beer Breakfast Cigar City Brewing Excursion……

If the smell of fresh hops and barley in the air and the glare of cold stainless steel gets you excited, visiting Cigar City Brewing in Tampa might just make you think you’ve died and gone to Heaven!! Joined by an eager band of beer aficionado’s Wednesday night I was invited to the American Home Brewers Association’s official Rally held in the cozy confines of Cigar City’s 6,600 square foot production facility where towering stainless steel fermentors were hard at work turning water into BEER…. wonderful, delicious BEER.

Sampling from their own recent creations as well as a few local home brewers personal concoctions we enjoyed every last drop, meeting new friends and in the process increased our awareness and respect for beer and the folks who bring it to us in so many different ways.

One of the highlights of the night was meeting Charlie Papazian (pictured with me), the Godfather of home brewing. This guy is a nuclear engineer for goodness sakes! I told you guys (and my Mom!)….. BEER makes you smart!!

And to top it all off, I had the “golden ticket” (take that, Charlie!) and won a CCB embroidered jacket!! I highly recommend visiting Cigar City Brewing…. for the love of beer!

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