Beer Breakfast 2024 – It’s Go Time!

Beer Breakfast…. IT’s GO TIME!!

The date is set and our next Beer Breakfast benefactor has been chosen for the Revelry~Fellowship~Sanctuary that is Beer Breakfast!

This is the earliest announcement in our 24 year history (don’t try to add it up, remember…. we are day drinkers!) for the next Beer Breakfast event! What began as a lark back in 2002 with 5 friends getting together for a round of beers at o’dark-thirty in the alley behind Mastry’s has grown into an annual gathering of hundreds of like-minded souls eager to enjoy each others company AND raise money for local charities.

In keeping with our mission of supporting local non-profit groups, we are proud to announce our support of…. The Pineapple Projects at our next Beer Breakfast Event. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, our sister city to the north, The Pineapple Projects is an incredible local 501c3 charity introduced to us by some amazing friends!

Extending a hand to families in our community that are starting over and need help turning a house into a home, The Pineapple Projects are making a difference in our community by spreading love and support to dozens of families and hundreds of people. Whether it’s bedroom furniture to sleep on, or tables to have a meal together as a family, they make it happen! Through their Projects, a family will see a community that respects them, loves hard on them, and this ripple continues throughout their life.

As we bring hundreds of folks together to celebrate our 24th Annual Beer Breakfast we will lift our glasses in a setting of REVELRY-FELLOWSHIP-SANCTUARY and help support a fantastic local charity who serves, inspires, and empowers young families to make a house their home!

Beer Breakfast isn’t just a party… it’s MERRIMENT WITH A MISSION.

Please join us on Saturday, March 9, 2024 at Mandarin Hide as we will lift our glasses, fill our bellies and enjoy the…..Revelry~Fellowship~Sanctuary that is BEER BREAKFAST!!

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